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2018 was a Tomball year of ups & downs!

The Tomball Summer Classic Y2K (or, 14 Years Old) was to be held on Saturday 8/18.

The Commissioner made an unbelievable (and what would turn out to be, incorrect) decision to DELAY the Tomball Summer Classic!

In this unprecedented move, unfortunately many of the ballers were not able to make the rain date of Sunday 8/19.

Sidenote -- IT DIDN'T EVEN RAIN ON SATURDAY!! The Commissioner delayed for no reason. (10 straight years of no rain on Tomball Summer Classic days!!).

Sunday 8/19, only 10 ballers were able to participate.

So, a NEW format was adapted for this year!

2 teams battling in a Best of 7 series!

20 minute games (10 minute halves).

5 players to a team!!

Bar Mitzvah Boys

The Flying Dutchman, Sally, Good News, The Mathematician, and The Horror.

Nokia Snakes

The Best, Achy Blakey, Billy Hoyle, AKA, and Papa Tiger.