• The game clock during the round robin is now 12 MINUTES!
  • Each team will be granted TWO TIMEOUTS PER GAME! 
  • The game clock during the playoffs & championship is now 14 MINUTES! This consists of TWO 7 minute halves!
  • The same rules apply for the timeouts.


  • The new deadline to RSVP for The Classic will be on the THURSDAY before The Classic by 3PM EASTERN
    • ​ie. This year, The Classic is on Saturday August 20 -- therefore, the deadline to RSVP will be on Thursday August 18​ by 3PM Eastern Time Zone
  • Everyone will be sent a reminder email exactly ONE WEEK before The Classic
  • ​Teams & the Schedule will be made that afternoon by The Best & The Thief
  • The teams & schedule will be sent out later that evening & each team will have a Captain chosen by The Best & The Thief
  • Uniforms will be provided for you on the day of The Classic

Longer and Stronger


deadline to rsvp & Making of teams

IN 2016, The Commissioner has decided to update some of the rules. See below!

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Trades! What?!?!

More Fouls??? What?!?!?

The revolution is here! Gone are 1 pointers! Enter 2s & 3s!!

  • If the losing team is down by 10 points or less, with 10 seconds or less remaining on the game clock, they are allowed to foul.
  • The losing team can foul as many times as they wish, as long as the first part of this section still applies.
  • ​Whomever is fouled on the leading team will shoot TWO free throws -- worth ONE point each.
  • The ball is live after the second shot.



  • That's right -- TRADES will be part of TomBall this year on a trial basis to see how it works
  • Once teams are sent out, each Captain will have until 11PM Eastern Time on FRIDAY NIGHT to make a trade with another team
  • It is MANDATORY that each Captain make AT LEAST ONE trade
  • Trades must be approved by The Commissioner prior to 11PM Eastern Time
  • Trades will not be made public until The Commissioner announces them at the start of The Classic 

Game Times & Timeouts

No longer do you have to RSVP three months in advance for The Classic!

fouls & free throws

  • A 3-point line will be added to each side of the court at roughly 18' feet away from the respective basket.
  • Any made basket that originates from within the 3-point line (this includes if any part of your body is touching the 3-point line) will count as TWO POINTS
  • Any made basket that originates from beyond the 3-point line (no part of your body is touching the 3-point line) will count as THREE POINTS
  • A free throw is still worth ONE POINT
  • I will be asking for some reimbursement this year from everyone
  • Once I know the total amount I will let everyone know